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Grand Design

Accelerate your spiritual evolution and
embrace your role in the global awakening

Devote Yourself to Collective Awakening

This membership level is designed for those who are ready to wholeheartedly commit to their spiritual evolution in alignment with the teachings and energetic work of Her Holiness Sai Maa. As a Grand Design Member, you acknowledge that your transformation and the development of your consciousness empower you to fulfill your unique role within the Grand Design, contributing to global awakening and enlightenment.

What’s Included in this Membership Level?

You gain unlimited access to a comprehensive library of 9 online courses with Sai Maa and teachers, covering various domains, including vibrant health and longevity, reprogramming the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, stepping into the new paradigm, and much more. Starting in 2024, Grand Design Members will also have access to Sai Maa’s signature six-month online program, ‘The Power in Your Minds!’

As a member of Sai Maa’s energetic team in this level of membership, you will receive timely updates and messages regarding Maa’s esoteric work. You also have the opportunity to share family emergencies with Sai Maa through her administrative team, enabling Maa to offer quick support.

Coming Together to Do the Work

Being a Grand Design member signifies your commitment to embody Sai Maa’s teachings in your daily life. Our membership serves as the gathering place where our community unites to collectively engage in ‘the Work,’ developing our consciousness and illuminating our being to fulfill our roles as pillars of light. With access to group meditations, enlightening masterclasses, an extensive course library, exclusive special pricing for events and programs with Sai Maa, and event recordings, your Grand Design membership ensures active advancement along your evolutionary path.

Exclusive Membership Pricing

You’ll have access to numerous events and programs throughout the year led by Sai Maa and master teachers, all designed to accelerate your spiritual growth. With this membership, you can actively engage in these opportunities at a cost-effective rate, as many programs are included. Plus, you’ll receive 50% off the tuition for The Language of Love and the 2024 Global Unity Gathering. Additionally, as a Grand Design member, you’ll enjoy priority access when registering for advanced courses and sacred tours, enabling you to dive deeper into transformative spiritual experiences.

The Yearly Value of Your Grand Design Membership

Timely updates and messages from Her Holiness Sai Maa
9 Online Courses:
Your Path to Happiness Level 1$47
Your Path to Happiness Level 2$297
40 Days with Sai Maa$144
40 Days of Light$144
Conscious Bio Healing$695
A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality$400
The Power in Your Minds$3,300
HealthSpan by Design (Denver)$597
The New Human$597
Recordings for all programs in which you participate, when recordings are available$216
Emergency access to Sai Maa via the admin team
New Year’s Yagya$188
50% off The Language of Love & the 2024 Global Unity Gathering$448
$500 off Egypt Sacred Tour$500
Everything in the Awakening Mastery Membership including:
Monthly Member Vortex Meditations$180
Bi-monthly Member Masterclasses$300
Event Follow-up Webinars$60
Value$8,113 Plus member-only additional content
Grand Design Membership$1,008 or $108 monthly

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