How Do I Life a Life of Abundance

Life itself is abundance. The treasures of life are within us. ~ Sai Maa

What does living a life of abundance mean?

A life of prosperity and abundance includes much more than acquiring material items. It also includes being abundant in knowledge, spirituality, vibrant health, beauty, meaningful relationships, love, and so on. Manifesting abundance is an essential step on the path of self-mastery, because ultimately we discover on the journey that abundance is within each one of us. We are abundance and can create anything we desire from that knowledge.

Why is manifesting abundance necessary to live a profound life?

Her Holiness Sai Maa shares extensive teachings on abundance and how to manifest abundance. It may seem odd that an enlightened guru focuses on manifesting abundance as part of a profound life, because there are those on the spiritual path who consider wealth and abundance as being at odds with goals of becoming enlightened.

Sai Maa shares that abundance is a state of high frequency within each one of us. Reconnecting with these frequencies is part of the path of self-mastery, because it requires focused practice and an intentional shift in consciousness. Once we welcome our abundance, we experience freedom, expansion, joy, truth, authenticity — all the things that a guru wishes for their disciples. When we are in the state of abundance, we come closer to liberation and enlightenment. In this video, Sai Maa discusses how to educate children so that they see and experience abundance everywhere.

As Sai Maa discusses in this video, once a scarcity mindset is learned and internalized, it becomes a challenge to override. It is this set of beliefs adopted from other people that keeps us from living in the abundance state that we truly are.


What keeps us from living a life of abundance?

No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.
~ Napoleon Hill

What is a scarcity mindset?

How Do I live a Life of AbundanceA scarcity mindset is one where we believe there is not enough of something to go around. It’s seeing the world as a finite pie and if one person takes a big piece, that leaves less for everyone else. Living in a world of scarcity forces everyone to compete for available resources, even when there is more than enough.

The interesting thing about the scarcity mindset is that we create it for ourselves. It doesn’t really exist outside of our belief system. This mindset is a result of a lifetime of programming from our parents, environment, media, and education, to name a few influences. How many times have we observed our parents worrying over finances, or told to only take one of something in case there is not enough to go around? Or perhaps there really wasn’t enough money to have both food and toys, or healthcare and new clothes. Children are sponges and soak up all of the subtle and overt messages in such conversations and then adopt them as limiting belief systems that continue to shape their habits, even when they may have more than enough resources.

Many people carry a scarcity mindset in several areas of their lives, including love, money, energy, time and relationships, to name a few. It’s funny to think that there could be a scarcity of relationships on a planet of more than 9 billion people. But it is something we have learned to believe.

The scarcity mindset is revealed through several symptoms. Feelings of anxiety, fear, pessimism, risk aversion, or thinking we’re unlucky are tell-tale signs that we hold a scarcity mindset. For example, does it feel like some people are just lucky with attracting new jobs or higher salaries? How about worrying about not having enough energy to balance work and personal life demands? Both of these scenarios reveal a scarcity mindset – the first a lack of good jobs for everyone, the second a lack of time to accomplish everything life offers.

There are consequences to having a scarcity mindset. We stay in jobs longer than is desirable because of the paycheck, even if it causes us to struggle with health issues, and possibly develop self-loathing or a self-confidence issue as a result. Sometimes, there is a big price to pay for investing in the scarcity mindset.

How can I shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance?

If the scarcity mindset is something that we learned, then is it possible to unlearn it? Sai Maa teaches that awareness of our beliefs and mindset is key to living a meaningful life. Maa describes how we typically function with a mindset programmed by our environment instead of one that we choose or design, and that it is possible to reverse this pattern.

When we can see the mindset that we are operating with, we can shift it. We can consciously create the world we want to live in, including the abundance that is already within and around us.

Awakened Life master teacher Jivan Das Maharaj, shares a particular method on how to transform a scarcity mindset to increase abundance in our lives.

How to shift to an abundance mindset

  1. Pick one aspect of your life you want to shift, and be specific.
  2. Look for how your beliefs limit your abundance in that area.
  3. Use your imagination and shift those limiting beliefs by confronting them every time they surface.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.

How do I manifest abundance in my life?

How Do I live a Life of AbundanceBecoming aware of the places where we have a scarcity mindset and shifting it to one of abundance is taking an enormous step forward in living a profound life of abundance. There are also tools to help with this process such as the 6 higher mental faculties, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance.

How do we use the 6 mental faculties to create abundance?

Throughout our lives, we have been taught about the five physical senses – our ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. But rarely are we taught about the six mental faculties of the subconscious mind that we possess: imagination, intuition, perception, memory, reason and will. Sai Maa teaches that exploring and strengthening these mental faculties is a path to creating anything we desire, including wealth, health, relationships, adventures and even a deeper spirituality. What follows is a brief introduction to each faculty.

How do we use imagination to create abundance?

Imagination is a powerful gift we all possess. It allows us to create something out of nothing. As children, we imagine all sorts of fantastic things and live in a creative world of possibilities. When we grow into adults and have to find jobs and support ourselves, life becomes about more practical things and we drop our childhood beliefs and dreams. Sai Maa encourages us to be an image creator, and to create our lives from our imaginations.

Create THE reality you have always desired. Not the one of your parents, not the one of your teachers, not the one of your neighbors or the environment. The one you have ALWAYS thought of since you were a child. Create that reality. Create your life as you desire it and you will achieve what you focus on.

By using our imaginations, we are empowered to bring our goals to life. In fact, when we vividly imagine something with emotional intensity, we produce the same emotional and biochemical reactions in our body as the actual experience.The key is to learn to use your imagination to create the experiences that you want most in life.

One way we can use our imagination to positively impact our lives is by daydreaming. Take time from daily tasks, relax and let the imagination wander. What would we do if our annual income became our monthly income? What would inspire us? Where would be a nurturing place to live?

If we take time to imagine the ways our life could improve, one day, our daydreams just may become our reality. In this video, master teacher Rajeshwari Maa discusses how to use imagination to manifest confidence.

How do we use intuition to create abundance?

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
~ Albert Einstein

Intuition is that inner voice or gut feeling that tells us our truth. Sai Maa describes it in the following way:

This higher faculty is within you, ready to serve you and offer you new information. It offers endless messages that you can use to recreate yourself and your life. The creation of YOU through your intuition.

To benefit from our intuition, we need to quiet our noisy environments and minds, and listen to the still, small voice within. The more connected we are with this mental faculty, the more we can use it to make choices that align with our Higher Self and manifest things that truly serve us. To grow our intuition, we need to take time every day to be quiet and listen to these subtle voices. If we try looking inside before we make decisions, this faculty will grow and become more and more reliable. Master teacher Becky Morrison demonstrates the power of intuition in the following video.

How do we use perception to create abundance?

Our reality is based on our perceptions – perceptions that are often based in limiting beliefs and subconscious thoughts. When we learn that our perception is fluid, open to new viewpoints and ideas, we open the doors to manifesting what we truly desire. Our perception also dictates what we are aware of in our environment and there are both conscious and subconscious mind functions involved. Sai Maa encourages us to –

Start thinking consciously, start to truly think. It’s not about good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. It’s simply about looking at any situation through different lenses, through different positioning, different angles, with the YOU who is NEW to you, with no paradigm from outside!

Here’s a simple exercise to observe perception. Take a picture with your camera phone of any room in your house. Turn around and walk to the otherside of the room and take another picture. When you compare these rooms side by side, they look completely different. Being able to see things from new and different perspectives allows us to grow and expand. Master teacher Becky Morrison demonstrates this concept for you.

How do we use memory to create abundance?

Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen says to Alice, “Tell me what you did tomorrow?”

What ends up in our memories is what we focus on, and this focus can create both positive and negative memories. Being stung by a bee is a memory that might cause anxiety every time we see one, just as ice cream stores might make us smile if we have a memory of sharing ice cream with our dad as a little kid. Memories can hold us back or propel us forward, and there are more dimensions to them than just the past. You can create future memories full of feelings and information that attract that future to you. For example, writing a letter from your future self creates new perspectives and opportunities both now and in the future.

Sai Maa challenges us –

There is so much to discover of your Grand Memory! Are you consciously choosing your FUTURE memories? Are you consciously discarding memories that don’t serve? How are you using your memory?

In attracting abundance, the mental faculty of memory can be used to commit to positive, beneficial and creative memories from both the past and the future. Our memories are a powerful tool for creating success.

How do we use reason to create abundance?

Our faculty of reason is what we use to really think. It allows us to analyze, compare and evaluate thoughts that come to mind. Sai Maa shares that, “reason is the highest ability you are born with. It is the ability to think properly and it can take you to the higher realms.”

Awakened Life master teacher Rajeshwari Maa explains more in this video.

When applying reason to our thought process, it is important to be aware of whose reasoning we are using. Is this someone else’s reasoning? Are you making choices that won’t disappoint others or out of fear of being ridiculed? In this case, we could consider being unreasonable as a way of finding our true voices and aligning with our true self.

How do we use will to create abundance?

The mental faculty will gives us the ability to focus on one idea and exclude everything else. Sai Maa describes it –

Will is the ability to hold one thought with great concentrated focus. The will allows you to centralize your main thought, your main image to achieve your goal, thus, a centered mind, a focused thought, a concentrated mind.

Many people have trouble staying focused and bounce from idea to idea. Applying the will creates sustained concentration and what we focus on, we manifest.

Rajeshwari Maa describes a project that required a great deal of will to bring to fruition.

With most things, it is important to use the will to focus on where you’re going and your current goals versus sabotaging yourself with what is and what hasn’t worked for you.

In this video, Awakened Life master teacher Jivan Das takes you through the process of using all of your higher mental faculties to manifest a goal you desire. In Jivan Das’s example, he used it to double his income.

Should I use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Abundance?

How Do I live a Life of AbundanceIn 2006, the movie The Secret taught everyone how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their dreams. It’s basic message was that if we focus our thinking on something we desire, we will attract the opportunity to experience that desire. The Law of Attraction is an unbiased delivery system – it brings what we ask for.

For manifesting, Sai Maa prefers to focus on the Law of Resonance because it requires more than focused, positive thinking; it compels us to take ownership for raising our vibration. Here’s how it works.

The Law of Resonance states that any two or more things that vibrate at the same frequency are affected by each other. For example, if we have two guitars and we pluck the G string on one, the G string on the second guitar will automatically vibrate because it is resonating with the first string. None of the other strings will vibrate.

In applying the Law of Resonance to our lives, whatever energy frequencies we create will resonate with the same frequency of energy in others and intensify the magnitude of this energy in ourselves. If we create energies of lower frequencies (anger, frustration, sadness), this will resonate with lower frequency energies in others. Here is an example of how it works:

Ana had been depressed since the loss of her job. Her friend Maria visited and found that, after spending some time with Ana, she began to feel her energy dropping. Maria was happy before going to Ana’s house, however after being in Ana’s presence she began to feel depressed herself.

Although Maria was not aware that she had unresolved depression within her, when she was around Ana’s energy these frequencies of depression within Maria resonated with Ana’s energy field, therefore bringing depression to the surface in Maria.

At this point, Maria can choose whether to fuel the depression energy in her energy field or draw from her understanding of the Law of Resonance and simply acknowledge that the depression energy within her is surfacing and transform it.

From the above example, we can see that the Law of Resonance is a fixed law, applying to all situations. It is empowering to know that we always have a choice about how we work with the outcome of the Law. We can resonate with what we are feeling inside – which may be a great choice if it is joy, bliss or love – or we can transform what we’re experiencing if it lowers our frequency.

The way the Law of Resonance works in the manifesting process is that you consciously raise your frequency to the level of what you are manifesting. If you want to manifest a bigger job with more salary and benefits, then you have to raise your frequency to match the feeling of that job. When the two frequencies resonate, that’s when the job materializes in your life.

Here is a short video that explains this process.

To raise your frequency, you:

  • Work with the mental faculties to create absolute clarity about your goal.
  • Live as if your desire has already manifested. Feel the joy and excitement.
  • Be positive and confident throughout your process.
  • Take time to express your gratitude.
  • Accept that whatever your experience is throughout the journey is exactly correct.
  • Serve others – this is the fastest way to raise and maintain your frequency.

Once we understand that everything arises from within us, we are empowered to make choices to improve our lives. We begin to act as conscious creators of our life experience and bring forth the abundance we truly are.

How to Work with Maha Lakshmi to Manifest Abundance

In the Hindu tradition, the divine comes in many different forms and aspects. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, beauty, vibrant health, and prosperity – both material and spiritual. Typically, she wears red clothes adorned with gold jewelry. She has four arms and hands, and each represents the four goals of human life – dharma (duty), kama (worldly desires), artha (wealth and prosperity) and moksha (liberation). Often she is depicted as having coins pour from one of her hands to signify that she is the giver of wealth and prosperity.

There are millions of Hindus and interfaith practitioners of Goddess spirituality around the globe devoted to Lakshmi and she is considered a universal Goddess. Sai Maa describes Lakshmi-

How Do I live a Life of Abundance

Sai Maa teaches that we are abundance and realizing or aligning with that attribute is key to manifesting our desires. To activate the power of Maha Lakshmi within, we can recite one of the many Lakshmi mantras, such as Om Shreem Maha Lakshmyai Namah.

You are welcome to chant the Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra with Sai Maa

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
Om Mahalakshmayai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu
Patnyai Cha Dheemahi,
Tanno Lakshmih Prachodyaat

Being devoted to the Goddess Lakshmi brings an abundance of good things in our lives. Sai Maa encourages us to go one step further and see ourselves as Lakshmi. Maa asks us to be open and free to be the consciousness of Maha Lakshmi in order to attract the abundance and profound life we desire. In this video, Sai Maa asks us to see ourselves as Lakshmi, an aspect of the Goddess within us.

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As children, we grew up playing pretend, imagining ourselves in all sorts of situations… as pirates out at sea, as astronauts flying to the moon and beyond, as kings and queens of magical worlds. We did not know what was, and was not, possible. As children, anything was possible. In this lesson you will learn how to engage your imagination to manifest abundance.

Lesson Two

Using intuition allows us to access guidance and wisdom that is within us through our connection to the Higher Self. No question or situation is too big or without a solution when we learn how to use intuition to manifest abundance.

Lesson Three

In this next lesson we look at how the mental faculty of perception creates our reality. When working with perception we are asked to start thinking consciously, with intention. Choosing which feelings and thoughts we put more focus on is an important step in manifesting your abundance.

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