Join Telegram Group and the Channel

Telegram Group

Telegram allows us to communicate with you quickly throughout the program. The Telegram Group allows you to share with each other and engage with the community. Join the Telegram GROUP

Telegram Channel
The Telegram Channel is one-way communications for us to send you messages, updates and reminders. Join the Telegram CHANNEL

Too many notifications? Mute your telegram channels and group during the program!

You will see the messages when you open the telegram app; however you will not receive sounds or other notifications.

  • Desktop – click the three dots in the upper right > select Disable Notifications
  • Mobile – click the title of the channel or group > select Mute

New to Telegram? Learn more and download the app here.

Need technical assistance?
Contact our team at or 720-443-6937 for one-on-one personalized assistance.

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