Mahamandaleshwar Mahant 108
Jivan Das Maharaj
Durango, CO, USA
Raised as a “devout atheist” and educated in physics and mathematics, Jivan Das Maharaj’s spiritual journey has taken a truly circuitous path. After working in the wilderness with at-risk youth for over seven years, he discovered a uniquely tender path towards his own heart after meeting Sai Maa in 2007. Now a joyful member of the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya, he acts as a highly experienced licensed clinical therapist and trainer specializing in work with at-risk youth and families in crisis in a wilderness therapy program in Durango, Colorado. Additionally, he serves as an Awakened Life Teacher and developer of the Power of Patterns. Jivan Das Maharaj has been working with people in a transformational capacity for over 20 years, is an experienced practitioner of yoga, and an avid high-performance rock climber and backcountry skier.
There are no upcoming Awakened Life Programs with Jivan Das scheduled at this time.

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“Any attempt to be someone I am not will fail. However, I can choose anything I wish and start to express it – until it becomes who I am.”

-Jivan Das Maharaj

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