Join the Telegram Group and/or Channel
Telegram allows us to communicate with you quickly throughout the program.

The Telegram Group is set up for two-way group communication.

Join the Unstoppable Joy Telegram Group for community engagement and sharing with each other.

The Telegram Channel is one-way communications for us to send you messages and updates.

Join the Unstoppable Joy Telegram Channel for updates and reminders.

Need assistance? Contact our team at or 720-443-6937 for one-on-one personalized assistance.
Too many notifications? Mute your telegram channels and group during the program!

You will see the messages when you open the telegram app; however you will not receive sounds or other notifications.

  • Desktop – click the three dots in the upper right > select Disable Notifications
  • Mobile – click the title of the channel or group > select Mute

New to Telegram? Learn more and download the app here.

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