1. Log into the Main Hall (Zoom) before the start of the program.
Doors open 30 minutes prior to the start each day and we encourage you to join then!

Doors open 6:30pm EDT on April 9
Doors open 7:45am EDT on April 10
Doors open 7:00am EDT on April 11

New to Zoom? Troubleshoot with the Zoom Help Center here.

2. Naming yourself on Zoom.
We will have breakout sessions to give you the opportunity to spend time together in smaller groups! To facilitate the breakout sessions, please rename yourself in zoom, with your language group first, then your full name. (EN for English, FR for French, GE for German, JP for Japanese)

  • EN–Full Name (e.g. EN–Jane Doe)
  • FR–Full Name
  • GE–Full Name
  • JP–Full Name
Need technical assistance? Contact our team at support@awakenedlife.love or 720-443-6937 for one-on-one personalized assistance.
3. Participating 100% Online
We encourage you to set up your technology in a way where you can comfortably participate 100% throughout the weekend. That may include connecting external speakers, TVs or monitors. Get creative and make your set-up work for you!

Be ready to have your video on for most of the weekend, making this an interactive community experience and allowing Sai Maa to see you and be with you in your own home.

4. Creating Your Space
  • We invite you to prepare your physical space to be comfortable. You may wish to include any sacred or special items you wish to have around you.
  • Find somewhere that you will not be disturbed. This will give you the opportunity to feel free and open to have your own unique experience of the weekend.
  • There will be movement throughout our time together, so make sure that you have room to dance and move around comfortably.

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