Bring the Energy of Abundance into Your Life

Becky Morrison – CEO of The Light
Live a Life of
Prosperity, Wealth, Knowledge, Wisdom,
Harmony, Grace, Beauty

Life is full of endless abundance. When you doubt yourself or begin to question what is possible, you stop the flow of prosperity from entering your life.

You find yourself lacking. Lacking knowledge, connection, vitality, success. All of this leaves you with a feeling of emptiness, of something missing inside.

H.H. Sai Maa is offering you the Maha Lakshmi Mantra Initiation and Yagya to free you from your own limitations, to activate within you the power of Maha Lakshmi for your personal awakening.

With a new awareness, you welcome and create prosperity in your life. All becomes possible. A fulfilling career. Vibrant health. Closer relationships.

Maha Lakshmi embodies the sublime power of all capacities, all the qualities which make life so full, so rich. She offers us all Her attributes: wealth in all forms, health, material success, Grace, Divine Beauty, Divine Love, a prosperous life, freedom, liberation, enlightenment.

~Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa

What Do You Receive?



First, participate in an online Maha Lakshmi sacred mantra initiation, to activate the energy of abundance in you.



Next, join a Sai Maa Maha Lakshmi Yagya (sacred fire ceremony) during which the qualities of Maha Lakshmi are amplified more in your life. You have the option to participate in 1 or 3 Yagyas.



Continue as a daily practice reciting your mantra with a new mala and activated photo of Sai Maa, cultivating a state of abundance.

Registration Options

After you receive the sacred Lakshmi mantra initiation, you have the opportunity to participate in one or three yagyas offered. For those who wish to offer more for this program, you are welcome to select the *Maha Option at $3,333. This is an opportunity to elevate the energy exchange and flow of abundance into your life.

September 1-2, October 1-2, November 1-2, 2021

Initiation & 1 Yagya


Initiation & 3 Yagyas


Initiation & 3 Yagyas


*Registration for all three options will remain open until October 31st.
Due to the powerful energetic nature of this program, those who register after the first Yagya (on September 2nd) or second Yagya (on October 2nd) will still receive the benefits of these yagyas.

Also, a NEW mala (necklace of 108 beads) is to be purchased for the initiation ceremony.
More information will be shared after you register.

Sourced by a Powerful Lineage

Makeesha Coleman

H.H. Sai Maa

Recognized by Indian saints and Vedic scholars as an enlightened master, Sai Maa offers profound energetic healing for all. As the first Jagadguru in more than 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage, Sai Maa is a master of energy who harnesses the power of creation to activate high frequency energy within you for profound personal transformation.
Makeesha Coleman

Anant Das Maharaj

Sai Maa has bestowed Mahamandaleshwar Anant Das Maharaj the power to initiate others in the Maha Lakshmi mantra, continuing her sacred lineage. Anant Das is the head of the Shaktidhaam Ashram in Kashi, India and recognized by the Gurus of the Vishnu lineages (5,000 years old) as a Mahamandaleshwar, one of very few people born outside India to hold this title.

Makeesha Coleman

Pundit K. Venkat Raman Ganapathi

Sai Maa works closely with respected pundits (Vedic priests) in creating yagyas that support the activation of high frequency energies. Led by renowned pundit K. Venkat Raman Ganapati, our pundits offer yagyas in the sacred city of Kashi. As the fourth generation of a highly revered pundit family, Punditji is known internationally for conducting yagyas in the U.S., Japan, and India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the yagyas and initiations take place?
  • Month 3 – November 1-2, 2021
    • Mantra Initiation with Anant Das Maharaj
      • Option 1 Monday, November 1st – 9-9:45 AM EDT
      • Option 2 Monday, November 1st – 9-9:45 PM EDT
    • Maha Lakshmi Yagya
      • Tuesday, November 2nd 8:00-11:45 AM EDT
        (Special group activation 8-8:30 AM EDT)

      Note: Register for Month 3 by October 31 at 8:00am EDT to participate in this Initiation & Yagya.

  • What is a mantra?
    • A mantra is a set of sacred words, syllables of a divine being or name of God. They are specific sounds infused with power and high vibration. The more one focuses on the mantra, the more one will receive from it.
    • Listen to this audio of Her Holiness Sai Maa speaking about the power of the mantra.
    What are yagyas and how are they performed?
    • Yagyas are an ancient Vedic science practiced for thousands of years in India. Pundits (priests) chant mantras while making offerings into a fire. These different chants and offerings achieve specific outcomes. Learn more about Sai Maa yagyas here:
    Will a recording of the initiation be available?
    • Each participant must attend the initiation in person via zoom. There will be no recording of the initiation provided. You will receive the words and recording of the mantra after your initiation.

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