Awakening Life Membership

Awakening Mastery Membership

Commit to your spiritual practice
and increase your happiness

The Awakening Mastery Membership is for those who are new to, or curious about, a spiritual path and looking for ways to learn more about what that means and technologies for how to deepen on that path. When you are awakening to your mastery, it is beneficial to have the support of a community and master teachers.

In this membership, you have access to monthly meditations and quarterly webinars with Awakened Life teachers. Here you work with experts who offer guidance and instruction to shift your thinking and habits.

We also know the quickest path to transformation is daily meditation. That is why we include two online courses designed to help you create a powerful meditation practice that fits your schedule and lifestyle. With a small investment of time, you’ll greatly reduce worry and stress in your life, and free up time for more expansive activities.

This membership level also includes calls and Q&As with Her Holiness Sai Maa. These calls are informative and the energy you feel from Sai Maa’s presence is uplifting and accelerates your transformation.

Awakened Life offers numerous programs and events throughout the year. We highly recommend that you check out some of these to expand your knowledge and deepen your journey. As encouragement, we’ll give you 35% off the HealthSpan by Design programs and the 2023 Global Unity Gathering.

Your results as an Awakening Mastery Member

  • Connection with your inner wisdom and increased experience of joy on a daily basis
  • Deeper knowledge of Sai Maa’s core teachings and how to apply them to your everyday life
  • Regular and ongoing supportive community
  • Accelerated transformation
The Value of your Awakening Mastery Membership

  • Monthly online meditations with Awakened Life teachers
  • Quarterly webinars with Awakened Life teachers
  • Occasional Q&A and teaching webinars with Sai Maa throughout the year
  • Access to a thriving and vibrant community
Value$1,097 Plus member-only additional content
Awakening Mastery Membership$19/month Limited introductory price

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