Grand Design Membership

Grand Design Membership

Join Sai Maa’s cutting-edge work in uplifting global consciousness
and deepen your spiritual journey

The Grand Design Membership is for everyone who wants to energetically co-create with Sai Maa on the cutting edge of Maa’s planetary work. In this partnership, you’ll play a role in the ongoing transformation of humanity as you work with Sai Maa on our collective consciousness to usher in global enlightenment.

Throughout the year, there are numerous programs and events taught and led by Sai Maa and master teachers. As a dedicated student, we know you want to be engaged and active. The Grand Design membership makes it cost-effective to participate at your desired level. Many of the programs are included in the membership and you receive a 50% discount on the three 2023 HealthSpan by Design programs and the 2023 Global Unity Gathering.

A new addition to the membership is the weekly 2-hr Sadhana Program. For this, you choose a day and time to meditate for 2 hours each week for the entire year. During this time, Sai Maa works with you to accelerate your transformation. Once you join, you will receive more specific information about this amazing program.

And if you are looking for even more profound experiences, as a Grand Design member, you’ll have priority access to registering for all advanced courses and sacred tours.

Your Results as a Grand Design Member

  • Expansive soul growth from joining Sai Maa’s energetic team
  • Deep personal, professional, and spiritual transformation from participating in regular and ongoing programs/events
  • A focused and engaged community dedicated to the same life goals as you
The Value of Your Grand Design Membership

Timely updates and messages from Sai Maa about Maa’s esoteric and energetic work
11 Online Courses
Your Path to Happiness Level 1$47
Your Path to Happiness Level 2$297
40 Days with Sai Maa$144
40 Days of Light$144
Conscious Bio Healing$695
A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality$400
Creation Matrix$495
Your Divine Impulse$144
Grand Design Membership Calls 2020, 2021, 2022
Shakti Calls Level 1 & 2
Science of Consciousness
Recordings for all programs in which you participate, when recordings are available$432
Your name on Sai Maa’s puja and emergency access to Maa via Maa’s admin team
2-hour weekly Sadhana Program activated by Sai Maa
Special Gifted New Year’s Yagya$188
Priority registration for advanced programs and sacred tours
50% off Healthspan by Design Programs & the 2023 Global Unity Gathering$1,294
Everything in the Awakening Mastery Membership:

  • Occasional Q&A and teaching webinars with Sai Maa throughout the year
  • Monthly online meditations with Awakened Life teachers
  • Quarterly webinars with Awakened Life teachers
  • Access to a thriving and vibrant community
Value$4,280 Plus member-only additional content
Grand Design Membership$1,008 or $108 monthly

1 payment

monthly payment

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