Sai Maa Consciousness Membership

Sai Maa Consciousness Membership

Boldly live your soul’s path and prioritize your enlightenment

The Sai Maa Consciousness Membership is a multi-access pass for those whose top priority in this lifetime is their enlightenment.

Included in this membership are all programs offered in 2023, with the exception of advanced programs (and you’ll receive a discount on those). All you need to do is simply register for the program to let us know you want to participate and the recordings and energy sessions (when offered) will be included as well.

This membership allows you to boldly live your soul’s path in a supportive community where your transformation is accelerated by an enlightened Master.

Your Results as a Sai Maa Consciousness Membership

  • Profound transformation from applying esoteric teachings to everyday life and meditation
  • Removal of obstacles between you and enlightenment
  • A deeper relationship with the teachings and energetic work of Her Holiness Sai Maa
The Value of Your Sai Maa Consciousness Membership

HealthSpan by Design Programs (3 currently planned for 2023)$1,791
Global Unity Gathering 2023$797
Sai Maa Energy Sessions for Healthspan Programs and Global Unity Gathering$1,000
Spirit Healing 3-hour workshops (planned for 2023)$324
Relationships: How to Human (7 week course starting in February 2023)$297
Quarterly webinar with Sai Maa’s Successor Lucinda Hanover
20% off the Journey of Light Consciousness$1,800
Timely updates and messages from Sai Maa about Maa’s esoteric and energetic work
14 Online Courses
Your Path to Happiness Level 1$47
Your Path to Happiness Level 2$297
40 Days with Sai Maa$144
40 Days of Light$144
Conscious Bio Healing$695
A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality$400
Creation Matrix$495
Your Divine Impulse$144
The Enlightened You$1,800
The Power in Your Minds$3,300
The Power in Your Minds Practicum$1,650
Grand Design Membership Calls 2020, 2021, 2022
Shakti Calls Level 1 & 2
Science of Consciousness
Recordings for all programs in which you participate, when recordings are available$432
Your name on Sai Maa’s puja and emergency access to Maa via Maa’s admin team
2-hour weekly Sadhana Program activated by Sai Maa
Priority registration for advanced programs and sacred tours
Special Gifted New Year’s Yagya$188
AND, everything in the Awakening Mastery Membership including:

  • Occasional Q&A and teaching webinars with Sai Maa throughout the year
  • Monthly online meditations with Sai Maa teachers
  • Quarterly webinars with Sai Maa teachers
  • Access to a thriving and vibrant community
Value$14,953 Plus member-only additional content
Sai Maa Consciousness Membership$3,900 January 1 – December 31, 2023

1 payment

6 payments of $700

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