Mother's and Father's Day Yagyas

Unique Yagyas to Bless Mothers and Fathers

Numerous countries throughout the world acknowledge a special day of the year to offer gratitude to our mothers and our fathers. According to the Vedas, our Mother is our first guru/teacher and our Father is our second guru/teacher. Thus, we honor our mothers and our fathers in recognition of the great roles they have played in our lives.

In Varanasi (Kashi), India at Sai Maa’s ashram, uniquely activated yagyas (sacred fire ceremonies) are being offered as an opportunity to express our thankfulness and gratefulness to our mothers and fathers. Yagyas remove conscious and unconscious obstacles and offer energetic activations that opens one to a new way of being. The yagyas for Mothers and Fathers will be activated in a three-hour ceremony.

Sponsoring the Yagyas

Mothers and Fathers Day Yagyas

Everyone has a mother and father, and therefore has the opportunity to participate in these yagyas. The act of sponsoring is part of the yagya ceremony. Each parent and sponsor (son or daughter) will have their names on a list to be activated during the ceremony.

At the time of registration, the sponsor will receive a link in the confirmation email which may be shared with the mother or father recipient. If the Yagya was gifted for someone else, this link may be shared with the recipient of the gift.

Note, the Mother’s Day yagya and Father’s Day yagya are designed to honor, as one group, all those who are being sponsored. For an individual yagya for your mother or father, please see information for a personalized Birthday Yagya or End of Life Yagyas.

Mother’s Day Yagya

May 12
8:20-11:30am NY time

Father’s Day Yagya

June 16
8:20-11:30am NY time

Mothers and Fathers Day Yagyas

Elements of the Ceremony

For these yagyas, a very powerful mantra (sacred sounds) is recited for the first half hour by two advanced pundits (ganapatis). Five more pundits (priests) join them for the yagya fire ceremony.

The sacred ceremony sets into motion a cosmic energy that returns exponentially more powerfully to the mother or father. This energy connects like a ray of the sun with the divine heart of the father/mother—and from his/her divine heart, this is passed on to the sponsor (son or daughter), who will also experience many blessings for the coming year.

Sai Maa’s Energetic Work

Her Holiness Sai Maa’s energetic work with these Yagyas is deep and intense. Maa works with the abuse and trauma the mothers and fathers carry, as well as clearing hurts in the relationship between parent and child. Maa also works with souls of deceased parents, serving the souls to evolve to higher dimensions.

It is a rare opportunity to have an enlightened energy master offer this energetic work to uplift the energy of our mothers and fathers, and to so serve the evolution of their soul in this way.

View this video of Sai Maa sharing about these Yagyas.

Mothers and Fathers Day Yagyas

Enjoy this slideshow of the Mother’s Day Yagya

Frequently Asked Questions

What are yagyas and how are they performed?
Yagyas are an ancient Vedic science that have been practiced for thousands of years in India. Pundits (priests) chant mantras (sacred sounds) while making offerings into a fire. These different chants and offerings achieve specific outcomes.
Is there anything the mother or father needs to do before, during, or after the yagya?
The mother or father will receive the blessings of this yagya simply by having her/his name registered.
May a mother’s yagya be sponsored for a pregnant woman?
The child must be born in order to be named as a sponsor.
May we sponsor a mother or father who is not our own mother/father?
This is a yagya for mothers/fathers sponsored by their sons/daughters. (birth or adopted) You may gift this yagya to a parent and their child. During registration you will provide the name of the mother or father and the name of the son or daughter. Each individual parent/child relationship denotes one sponsorship.
Is there any age restriction of the son or daughter sponsoring the yagya?
The son or daughter may be any age. Note, the child must be born, not in utero.
May we sponsor our grandmother or grandfather?

The focus will be to sponsor your own mother and father and/or to gift yagyas for other sons and daughters and his/her parent, who may not have the means or inclination to do so.

What if two or more siblings want to gift their mother or father a yagya? Can siblings go in together on a sponsorship or are these separate sponsorships?
These will be separate registrations. The act of sponsoring is part of the yagya, and therefore each sibling will register as a separate sponsorship for his or her mother or father.
If my parents have left the body can I register them for Mothers/ Fathers Day yagyas?

Yes. This yagya will support them on their continued spiritual journey.

Please contact with any questions.

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