Navaratri Yagyas

Navaratri 2024

April 9-17

A Gift From Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa

To celebrate Spring Navaratri, Her Holiness Sai Maa is GIFTING ($0)  humanity THREE powerful sacred fire ceremonies performed at Shaktidhaam, Maa’s ashram, in Kashi, Bharat (India) to support your move into a new state of consciousness.

Navaratri is a time to connect with the Divine Feminine within you and open yourself to receive blessings, guidance and grace as you awaken to your highest potential. The tenth day is a celebration of the victory of your light over darkness and the power of embodying the Divine Feminine.

A Few Special Features of These Yagyas

  1. This year, the first two yagyas are rare Tantric yagyas from the Dasa Mahavidya tradition that reveres 10 unique aspects of the Divine Mother. Through esoteric rituals, visualizations, and symbolic gestures, Tantric yagyas invoke the energies of the Goddess, awakening Her dormant spiritual energy within us.


  2. You only need to register 1 time for all 3 yagyas, and you can register any time up to the final yagya and receive the powerful energy from all three.


  3. Sai Maa invites you to register your children who are under 18 for the yagya. (not grandchildren)

  4. Because of free will, spouses, friends and relatives will need to register themselves.

Yagya Dates and Times

    • April 9 – Kali Tantric Yagya, 7:50-11:30am NY time
    • April 13 – Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya, 7:50-11:30am NY time
    • April 17 – Chandi and Saraswati Yagya, 7:50-11:30am NY time

About the Specific Yagyas

      • The Tantric Kali Yagya invokes the fierce and transformative energy of Kali Mata who vanquishes ‘demons’ and grants victory.

      • The Tantric Kamala Yagya invokes the gentle nurturing aspect of Maha Lakshmi, bestowing wealth, prosperity, and grandeur on all levels.


      • The nine days of Navaratri culminate with the Chandi and Maha Saraswati Yagya, featuring ceremonies for three powerful goddesses representing the journey from dissolution (Maha Kali) to abundance (Maha Lakshmi) to enlightenment (Maha Saraswati)

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

Family of Light-Love-Consciousness
The True Version of You

April 9, 13 & 17
Online, 7:50-11:30am NY time

9 Days of Mother Divine

Self-guided Meditations for Navaratri 

Experience an enriched Navaratri sadhana through this complimentary meditation program guided by the Mahamandaleshwar. It features dedicated meditations for each phase of Navaratri (Durga/Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati), which you’ll engage with over three days. On the 10th day, there is a celebratory meditation to honor your triumphant evolution during this transformative journey with your inner Divine Feminine.

9 Days of Mother Divine

Self-guided Meditations
April 9, 12, 15 & 18

The sacred fire amplifies your clarity, joy and freedom. Lalita Shree Maa explains how.

The Navaratri Goddesses


Spring Navaratri Yagyas

In the Hindu tradition, on the first three days of Navaratri, Mother Divine is invoked in her form as the Goddess Durga/Kali. Kali represents the force of fierce compassion that removes all ego distortion to unveil the vitality and beauty within us.

Spring Navaratri Yagyas

The next three days are dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi, who embodies the qualities of abundance, prosperity, and infinite beauty. Lakshmi is invoked to fill us with the spiritual wealth and divine abundance that is our birthright.

Spring Navaratri Yagyas

The final three days of Navaratri are dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati, who bestows the blessings of Divine wisdom, creativity, and purity.

Spring Navaratri Yagyas

The tenth day, which marks the completion of Navaratri, is celebrated as Victory Day, where we honor the victory of the sublime qualities of Mother Divine over any darkness or fear within us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are yagyas and how are they performed?

Yagyas are an ancient Vedic science that have been practiced for thousands of years in India. Pundits (priests) chant mantras (sacred sounds) while making offerings into a fire. These different chants and offerings achieve specific outcomes. Sai Maa Yagyas take place in the sacred city of Kashi, in Northern India, and are performed by some of the most highly revered Vedic priests and scholars of India.

What is a Sai Maa yagya?

As a living spiritual master, Sai Maa blesses and activates the ceremonies with unique Shakti (energy), amplifying their power. Sai Maa also activates energies for each individual person who has registered.

What do I get by registering for the yagya?

Sai Maa will receive your name to activate the energy of the yagya for you, and your name will also be read by the priests during the ceremony. In addition, you will receive teachings, practices, photos, and audio recordings before, during, and after the yagya ceremony is performed.

If I register, do my friends and family benefit?

When you register, the energy of the yagya will be activated immediately for you. This activated energy enters all areas of your life including your friends, family, job, spiritual path, and health. Everyone around you will benefit through you, but not to the degree or depth you will. Many people choose to sponsor other people in addition to themselves for that person’s direct benefit such as a partner, child, family member, or someone in need.

Is there anything I need to do before, during, or after the yagya?

Due to the unique nature of this work, you will receive the blessings of this yagya simply by having your name registered. However, the effects of the yagya can be amplified and anchored in your own being through awareness and practice. When you register, you will receive instructions for practices that you can do to deepen the experience and your personal transformation.

Can I register for a business?

No, the Navaratri Yagyas are for individuals. If you would like to activate the energy of the Navaratri yagya in your business, you may register a key individual in the company such as a director or manager. The yagya energy will be activated in them and flow into the business through them. Or you may register for a Business Yagya here.

Can I register a deceased person?

No, only living individuals can be registered for the Navaratri yagyas. We offer Yagyas for the Deceased specifically to serve the deceased. To learn more about Yagyas for the Deceased, click here.

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