Your Path to Happiness, Awakening and Enlightenment - Level 1

A Powerful Ancient Technique that Brings Peace and Quiets the Mind

The ancient technique taught in this course is a powerful, unique form of meditation. If you are familiar with meditation, you know some of the drawbacks. This method is unique and creates results faster and easier than other meditation methods. It is simple to learn and easy to use. By the end of the first 25-minute lesson you will be able to go into a meditative state virtually effortlessly.

Once you learn the method, meditating 5 minutes a day is all that is required, although longer sessions are encouraged. With this technique, you can meditate anywhere at any time — even in the back of an Uber.

This method was developed by Her Holiness Sai Maa, one of the world’s great living spiritual masters.

This online course includes –

  • 7 lessons
  • 25-minutes each lesson
  • Fast, simple and easy
  • Creates instant results for everyone
  • Limited time introductory price of $47
  • Offered in English

Your Results

By the end of your first 25 minute session you will:

  • Be able to go into a meditative state of peace and stillness virtually effortlessly
  • Experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation

Reduce your stress & anxiety

Be in a state of joy no matter what your life circumstances are

Your Path to Happiness, Awakening and Enlightenment

Level 1


Your Path to Happiness, Awakening and Enlightenment - Level 1

Meet Her Holiness Sai Maa

This program is led by Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa and Maa’s teachers. Sai Maa is an exceptional energy healer and spiritual luminary, and has led programs for tens-of-thousands of students world-wide. For the past 20 years, Maa has developed powerful spiritual practices, tools and transformative in-person programs.

Sai Maa is the first female to be awarded the prestigious title Jagadguru in India’s 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage.The term Jagadguru is one of the highest designations in the Hindu tradition. Jagadgurus are recognized as embodying the power and influence to transform the entire planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an advanced meditator. Is this course for me?
Absolutely. In order to be a master, you have to master the basics. Mastering the fundamentals is what mastery is about. We invite you to try our ancient technique.
I've tried meditation and it didn't work. What's different about this course?
This technique has worked for thousands of people. We welcome you to give it a try and join the thousands who are successfully meditating every day.

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