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Join us for 9 weeks of online transmissions with the newly initiated Mahamandaleshwar, to be raised into new states of awakened consciousness.

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These nine spiritual leaders have just returned from the Kumbh Mela festival in India, where they were honored with the title of Mahamandaleshwar, recognizing them as custodians of Sanatan Dharmawhich can be understood as the eternal laws that govern life and lead us to awakening.

Preceding the Hindu tradition, Sanatan Dharma is known as a way of life founded on the quest for cosmic truth, the eternal reality that lies beyond all creation.

Through this online course the Mahamandaleshwar will share with you the timeless gems of Sanatan Dharma as well as energetic transmissions to propel you into greater awakening of the truth of your true nature.

Weekly Modules:

Module 1: Who Am I with Triveni Das Maharaj
Begin the journey with the understanding of who you are as Self and the knowledge of the eternal path to Self-Realization known as Sanatan Dharma.

Module 2: Surrender to the Divine with Lalita Shree Maa
Guided by the timeless wisdom of the sacred scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, deepen in your surrender to the Divine, as the guiding principle to live in alignment with your inner Self.

Module 3: Action & Balance with Jivan Das Maharaj
Through three distinctions of conscious action, explore action as a path to transcend the dualistic illusion and reside in the ever-present stillness within.

Module 4: Elevating your Consciousness with Archarya Dayanand Das Maharaj
Learn how to use the ancient science of mantra to rise to a higher dimension, going beyond trying to fix or heal the illusion to know life from an elevated consciousness.

Module 5: Embodying Self with Shree Devi Maa
Know your body as the temple of your eternal Self, using the breath to unite physical and divine and your body as an instrument for your awakening.

Module 6: Be Here, Be There with Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj and Archarya Dayanand Das Maharaj
Create yourself as a multidimensional being — through recalibration and alchemy — bridging your multidimensionality with your cellular structure and DNA.

Module 7: Free Will with Anant Das Maharaj
Consciously utilize your greatest gift of free will to create and move joyfully into awakening.

Module 8: Living Beyond the Veil with Jayendra Das Maharaj
Harmonize yourself with the dimensions of light beyond the Veil, seeing yourself in action from this new reality.

Module 9: The Universal Laws of Sanatan Dharma with Rajeshwari Maa
Explore the cosmic laws underlying all of creation and how you can align with them to pierce the Veil and live in an awakened state.

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NoteCourse content will be released on Monday evening, US time, each week for 9 weeks.

Even if you register after the course begins, you will get access to the number of weeks released up to that point, and then start getting access to each week thereafter.

What people are saying after a recent program with the Mahamandaleshwar:

“The Mahamandaleshwar are vibrating at such a high level of shakti (energy), with such a powerful presence.”

~Ellen B.

“There’s something so specific, distinct in the energy of each Mahamandaleshwar. There was a moment of realization of the truth of what Maa speaks about—that we all have the capacity to be enlightened.”

~Rachel S.

“When the Mahamandaleshwar were speaking about the experience with Maa at the Kumbh, and how Maa took them all as a group beyond the veil. As they finished speaking, we all (in the room) went into that state together. It took us there, with them speaking of that state.”

~Joe Callahan

“Since their initiation as Mahamandaleshwar there’s a ‘lightness’ about what they’re bringing to the sadhana (spiritual practice). The joy that they brought to the practice made it seem like play.”

~Rayna O.

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