Power of Patterns
A simple tool to transform old habits
Many of us don’t realize it, but our personality is comprised of patterns — behaviors governed by an unseen neural network, formed over time.

These patterns dictate how we interact with the world. Sometimes they support us, but other times they hold us back.

Power of Patterns is founded on a groundbreaking technology that helps you uncover patterns that hold you back and create new ones that serve.

Over the course of one entertaining, high-energy Saturday, you will master the method and free yourself up to make changes that last . . . fast.

Power of Patterns
Why Patterns?
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What participants are saying about the Power of Patterns
I am leaving this course with a profound sense of peace, love, and joy about how patterns can serve me in my own self-mastery!

~ J.P.

I want to thank you for offering this program. You knew how to animate this workshop in a masterful way with such presence and empathy. Your interventions were always tinged with delicacy and very fair. You have guided us to sensitive areas and explored them with humor and great respect. This workshop was very beneficial for me and it’s one of those where I have seen in myself real changes.

~ Sylvie R.

The weekend was a mess of emotions coming up, looking at things I did not want to look at, that had been neatly stuffed away for decades. It was uncomfortable, but for the first time I actually was able to feel a profound shift in how I was looking at these patterns. The Patterns Method took away my need to dive into the abyss of emotion and story, and let me go through step by step to actually take responsibility for my own shift of the energy and patterns that I chose to embody.

~ Heather C.

I honestly felt like I was dying before I came and now I feel so alive!

~ Anne, Boulder, CO

About the teachers
Jivan Das and Becky bring care, expertise and a great sense of humor to the program. Their devoted practice and decades of study with enlightened master Sai Maa has infused their teachings with a profound divine energy. This energy is activated and available in the life-changing transformational work you’re about to be a part of.

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