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Journey of Profound Awakening empowers spiritual seekers to experience themselves as a soul and live their lives within the ever-expanding spiritual nature of reality. After taking the Journey of Profound Awakening program, life occurs from a radical new perspective—through the lens of your soul. You’ll feel this awareness throughout the day-to-day activities of your life, living your life aligned with your purpose.

Program Highlights

Discover tools to nurture and expand soul awareness in all areas of your life.


Connect with the best of ancient civilizations and create a threshold to step into the sacredness of life and awe of the divine.

Brain Diksha

Receive a massive infusion of light to activate the higher consciousness of the soul into the physical body.

Energetic Activations

Anchor within your field to supercharge your meditation practice and spiritual life.

Deep Meditation

Experience the state of your true spiritual nature, beyond the human mind, body, and emotions.

Soul Teachings

Engage with paradigm shifting teachings on the lower self, Soul and Higher Self.

Chapel of Purity and Forgiveness

Deepen your journey on the spiritual path by allowing your energy to be returned to its innate wholeness.

Program Pricing
Journey of Profound Awakening
More information coming soon
*Please note due to the advanced nature of this work, we ask that you have participated in a program with Sai Maa and/or Awakened Life. If you feel like this is the program for you and do not fulfill the prerequisites, some exceptions do apply, so please reach out to us at
Program Schedule

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