Profound Union for Lovers

This unique intimate program allows you and your beloved to see in each other as the infinite reflection of the Living God.

Frustration, annoyance and separation often found in intimate relationships dissolves.

Deep love, respect, gratitude and even ecstasy is experienced and will continue to expand in your lovers relationship. You will uncover new passion and feel the fullness of your hearts as one.

The time is now. Celebrate life together. Celebrate your sensuality. Celebrate your tenderness. Celebrate the depth of love, as lovers, true lovers. Celebrate your togetherness in its infinitude. Celebrate your relationship with dignity, with sacredness, with laughter, with joywith love. In your everyday life, cultivate dignity and honor for each other, in Oneness as Divinity in this world.

  • Discover ways to nurture and expand authentic connections with your partner.
  • Receive ancient energetic practices and knowledge for sacred union and balancing of masculine and feminine energies.
  • Transform your intimate time together.
  • Accelerate your own spiritual growth exponentially through Divine Union.
  • Experience the power of devotion.
$3,000/per couple
$2,900/per couple (Grand Design Members – with Member code)

Upcoming programs to be announced

Please note – due to the advanced nature of this program, there is a prerequisite of participation in one or more Sai Maa / Awakened Life weekend programs. Please email if you have questions about pre-requisites.
This program is currently being offered online.

Program Highlights

Profound Union for Lovers

Partner Exercises

You and your beloved learn to allow love already at your core to unfold, merge and dissolve separation. Learn specific exercises to enhance your couples experience and tap into pure divinity at any moment forever.
Profound Union for Lovers

Advanced Teachings On Relationship

Learn the subtleties of how to live in a true divine relationship with discourses and Q&A.
Profound Union for Lovers

Quality Time Together

Spend high quality time with your beloved during our weekend together.
Profound Union for Lovers

Energy Sessions

Direct energy transmission of Profound Union
– souls woven together as one.
Profound Union for Lovers


Experience depth of sacred union through guided and silent meditation.

Meet the Facilitators

Profound Union for Lovers
Married for 22 years and personally trained by Sai Maa for 16 years, Doug and Lucinda Hanover personify a divine union. They “practice what they preach”. The way they are with one another inspires others to deepen their relationships – from friends, to family members to people with whom they work. Doug and Lucinda will share how to live in a powerful partnership that elevates each other as individuals. They will address powerful questions such as; what are the practices to do each and every day? What is the fundamental orientation to each other? How do you open to authenticity and pure bliss? How do you move beyond our past limitations in relationship into an entirely new quantum field? Lucinda is honored to be Sai Maa’s successor in the West, and has worked alongside Her Holiness to facilitate all Profound Union programs in the U.S. (Doug and Lucinda were participants in the original program.) In addition, both helped facilitate Sacred Sexuality in Japan alongside Sai Maa in 2018.
What Participants say about Profound Union for Lovers
“I’ve accelerated my spiritual growth, development, exponentially this week. And I’ve done so through what wasn’t apparent to me before, which is really just loving way more deeply, being tender, being of gratitude, of devotion, way more deeply than I had ever experienced before, and that was a surprise for me to find out that was the pathway for that spiritual growth.”
“Before you is a man transformed completely. My relationship with life will never be the same as it was before on any level. I can feel what devotion means, I can feel what respect means, I can feel what innocence means, and I can feel purity. Thank you.”
“We were together for about 4 years and just butting heads. Our souls were committed like you wouldn’t believe, and our personalities were at war with each other. I almost didn’t come. Now we are here and Maa blessed us with unveiling us, cleaning up our egos. And there is harmony for the first time, and ease, and a love, a love for ourselves, tenderness. We finally can love each other, love ourselves.”
“For me this week was a real learning in how to be in a greater relationship with myself so that I could move into a greater relationship with my partner, and that all of that is on a path of spiritual growth and honoring life as it unfolds. For this I am very grateful.”
When I signed up for Profound Union it wasn’t because I thought there was anything wrong in the relationship, or there was anything broken. It was quite the contrary, we have a fabulous relationship. So I went for the opportunity to see what was possible beyond what I knew. And this particular program is beyond, beyond, beyond my expectation. The experience of having access to a new level of the divine, of a divinity that is tangible, that is experiential, that is never leaving, never ending, and to have that with myself, and to be able to access that with my beloved, my husband, at any moment by a slight touch and it’s all there.”
“Why are we coming because our relationship is so good?” Well, it has grown to such a depth through this [program], it’s beyond words. For me this has to be the most transformational, most magical [time]that I have ever spent in my whole life.”








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