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Remove Anxiety, Eliminate Stress.

Sai Maa’s NanoBoost+ Calm Spray is a safe, sustainable, non-psychoactive, and natural solution for anxiety and stress.

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Let Sai Maa's Natural Calm Spray...

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Reduce anxiety & stress.
Promote better sleep.

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Promote calmness for
deeper relaxation.

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Bring balance back to
your mind, body & soul.

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Aid in moving deeper into
your work with the light.

Safe & Sustainable

Natural for anxiety and stress. Our formula includes full-spectrum, non-psychotropic ingredients (produced from plant enzymes) and over 75 botanical terpenes (organic compounds).

Faster Absortion, Faster Results
Many nutrients are unusable by the body due to their large particle size, but at the nanoscale, this is not an issue anymore.

NanoBoost+ nanoamplified particles constituents are more readily absorbed by the body offering faster, more targeted delivery and better product performance.
By Experts
Years of wisdom have been cultivated and passed down through a line of master herbalists resulting in a formula that works in synergy with the body to restore natural balance.
Nanoboost Calm facts


Powered by unique nanotechnology for better absorption and enhanced effects.

Our formula includes full-spectrum, non-psychotropic ingredients (produced from plant enzymes).

Energetically activated by SAI MAA for full body health.


This spray is amazing! Within a couple of minutes of using it, the calming effects settle in! My husband and I are graduates of Sai Maa’s Journey of Profound Healing in May and December 2014, respectively. All of Maa’s products are fantastic, but this is our favorite. We highly recommend it to everyone looking to establish a deeper meditation routine or to those simply carrying a little extra anxiety in need of calm. You won’t be disappointed!

Jenny P.

Apr 20, 2020



This spray makes me feel so grateful within a minute or two!

It helps me rest, sleep and meditate deeply. Thank you Sai Maa and team for giving us THE BEST nutrition to cause our enlightenment! Much love, Noah
Noah Gabriel

Apr 14, 2020


This Calm Spray is so powerful for me. I use this either before meditation or before resting the body at night. It calms my mind so much allowing for even deeper meditation over time and brings such restful sleep. This product is essential for my meditation and for the care of my body. Love it!

Oct 05, 2018
Balance Your
Mind and Body
Nanoboost Calm spray
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*Our products contain zero THC, and there is no content for recreational drugs.
Silence Stress,
Awaken Awareness.

A safe, sustainable, non psychoactive
source of hemp-derived CBD*.

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sai maa nanoboost+ CBD* calm spray

Sai Maa has combined the power of East Asian adaptogenic herbs with the science of NanoBoost+, for a fully balanced formula that may help maintain calmness naturally.

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