Sai Maa New Year’s Yagya & New Year’s Eve Webinar

Activate the ancient power of a specialized sacred fire ceremony (yagya) to uplift your consciousness, remove energetic obstacles, and supercharge the coming year.

We invite you to sponsor the Sai Maa New Year’s Yagya to be held at Sai Maa’s Ashram in Varanasi, India. This Yagya, specially designed by our Pundits (priests) in Varanasi for our global community, will take place over 6 hours with 11 Pundits.

During the Yagya the Pundits will perform ceremonies with the specific intentions to:

  • Remove obstacles from our lives and activate the power within our minds through a Ganesha Puja.

  • Clear any negative effects from the 9 celestial bodies and the 27 star systems that were present at our birth through a Navagraha and Nakshatra Homa.

  • Clear the energies of our home, as well as connect the energetic grid of our home with Sai Maa’s Ashram in Varanasi, with Sai Maa’s Heart, creating our home as a high frequency sanctuary through a Vastu Homa.


Sai Maa New Year’s Yagya

Sponsorship cost: $144*

*You may sponsor the Yagya for yourself or a loved one who is still living.

Registration to sponsor the yagya is available until December 30, 11:59 pm MST.

Sai Maa will be powerfully engaged in Maa’s ascension work, as well as the energy work of Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year and more, bringing all of those energies into this Yagya. This is a Yagya you won’t want to miss!

New Year’s Eve Webinar
5:00 – 6:00 pm MST December 31, 2018


It has often been said that how you spend your New Year’s Eve sets the blueprint or template for the year to come. For your New Year’s Eve this year, we invite you to join us for a high vibration, high energy webinar with our community. Consciously and powerfully tap into your essential nature and together we will create our individual and collective intentions to empower the next year of our lives.


On the webinar we will…

  • Reclaim our vibrancy of thoughts and emotions through guided energetic work, giving us that boost of energy and joy to consciously create.
  • Reflect on our journeys through 2018, expressing our gratitude, taking back or returning any energies as needed, and coming into an inner wholeness and soul expansion for effortlessly and powerfully creating our intent for 2019.
  • Create our individual intent, tapping into the innate power within each of us to bring a level of conscious awareness and joy to our life’s trajectory.
  • Come together and activate our collective intent as a global community for 2019.
  • Learn more about the New Year’s Yagya and how to powerfully engage with it. The Yagya will begin soon after the webinar ends.

Join Sai Maa’s Successors Lucinda Hanover and Achyutananda Das and Awakened Life Teachers for this free webinar as we come together to create a fulfilling new year for ourselves and our global impact for humanity in 2019. Please register to receive the webinar access information.

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