Sai Maa Consciousness

Sai Maa Consciousness

Prioritize your enlightenment and boldly live your soul’s purpose

An Unwavering Commitment to Your Enlightenment

This membership tier is designed for individuals who are ready to actively participate in everything Sai Maa offers for our enlightenment in this lifetime. As a Sai Maa Consciousness Member, you cherish the precious gift to have Maa in your life and prioritize every opportunity to engage in Maa’s work.

Due to the high level of commitment and active participation, Sai Maa can serve this group in a truly unique way. This membership serves as a vortex, through which Maa can accelerate both your evolution and through you, the upliftment of humanity.

What’s Included in this Membership Level?

Sai Maa Consciousness Membership not only encompasses all the benefits from the previous two membership levels, but also grants full access to the two events with Sai Maa scheduled for 2024. It includes the Energy Sessions offered during the two events and a 20% off the tuition for the Journey of Light Consciousness program. Your online course library is further enriched with the addition of two advanced online courses.

Receive Unique Activations and Energy Work

In 2024, Sai Maa Consciousness Membership offers a rare and invaluable series of activations and energy work. Each quarter of the year, you’ll be guided through specific areas of transformation and enlightenment. To support your growth in these aspects, you’ll be included in a yagya ceremony aimed at removing obstacles and activating new dimensions of consciousness.

Sai Maa works directly with you through Energy Sessions exclusively for Sai Maa Consciousness Members. You’ll also receive carefully curated sadhana practices to enhance this energetic work. Furthermore, you’ll have access to a group coaching session with Sai Maa’s Successor, Lucinda Hanover, to ground the new state of being you are stepping into. This series of activations and energy work will take place quarterly, guiding you into progressively elevated states of consciousness throughout the year.

The Yearly Value of Your Sai Maa Consciousness Membership

The Language of Love$597
Global Unity Gathering 2024$297
Sai Maa Energy Sessions for the Language of Love and Global Unity Gathering$500
Recordings for all programs in which you participate, when recordings are available$216
20% off the Journey of Light Consciousness$1,800
$500 off the Egypt Sacred Tour$500
11 Online Courses:
Your Path to Happiness Level 1$47
Your Path to Happiness Level 2$297
40 Days with Sai Maa$144
40 Days of Light$144
Conscious Bio Healing$695
A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality$400
The Enlightened You$1,800
The Power in Your Minds$3,300
The Power in Your Minds Practicum$1,650
Denver HealthSpan$597
The New Human$597
Quarterly Activations and Energy Work:
4 Group Yagyas (Including New Year’s Yagya)$564
4 Sai Maa Energy Sessions$1,000
4 Group Coaching Webinars with Lucinda Hanover$120
Themed Sadhana Guidance$432
Timely updates and messages from Sai Maa about Maa’s esoteric and energetic work
Emergency access to Sai Maa via Maa’s admin team
Everything in the Awakening Mastery Membership including:
Monthly Member Vortex Meditations$180
Bi-monthly Member Masterclasses$300
Event Follow-up Webinars$60
Value$15,445 Plus member-only additional content
Sai Maa Consciousness Membership$5,000 January 1 – December 31, 2024

1 payment

6 payments of $850

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