Join H.H. Sai Maa for this monthly membership where Sai Maa offers a tremendous outpouring of divine energy (Shakti) for our upliftment, conscious evolution and empowerment.

Each month, Maa will offer some type of communication for the members. Mainly in the form of a live call, this may also be a written message, an audio recording, or something else entirely.

Hear directly from Maa the latest in the evolution of humanity, the cutting edge of Maa’s energetic work, and be uplifted through the direct transmission of energy via the calls.

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Price $44 per month

What participants are saying about the Shakti Membership

“The plethora of information on these calls is unparalleled.”
– Sheila Furth

“My life has shifted dramatically since I began the Shakti Program. It’s the only change that I can put my finger on to account for the emotional and physical integration I have been experiencing these past two months. I’m so happy with it!”
– Delyn Hall

“Very profound information with amazing energy and light.”
– Fran Adams

“I have been studying spirituality for over 40+years and was introduced to Sai Maa about 7 years ago. Throughout that time, I am in awe at how current and practical her teachings continue to be while at the same time both challenge and inspire me. The Shakti calls have been so helpful as they allow me to stay plugged into Maa’s high frequency energy and wisdom. They truly are a turbo charged dose of Shakti every month. I highly recommend subscribing.”
– Robert Omansky

Get a taste of the Shakti Calls

Access to past calls

Missed the earlier calls?

You can purchase access to Sai Maa’s recent March 2019 call where Maa offered an enormous outpouring of energy from the work of the Kumbh Mela.

Want access to ALL of the previous content?

You can purchase the entire series of calls and content offered via the Shakti Membership from July of 2018 through March of 2019. Get access to all 9 months. Registration coming soon.

Join the Shakti Membership Now!

Price $44 per month

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