2021 Shiva Fest

March 11-14, 2021

Shiva represents the supreme divine presence and absolute potential of pure creation. Shiva is the energy of transformation, which gives us the discipline, focus, and strength to step out of what no longer serves us and move fully into the light. Sai Maa’s spiritual lineage carries this transformative energy of Shiva.

Shivaratri is the celebration of Shiva. When we immerse ourselves in the essence of Shiva we pierce through the veils of ignorance, revealing our true nature as Sat Chit Ananda ~ Truth Consciousness Bliss.
For 2021, we have four Shakti-filled offerings to celebrate Lord Shiva.
Shivaratri Abhishek Puja
Live from Shaktidhaam (H.H. Sai Maa’s Ashram in Kashi, India) we will be with our pundits (Vedic priests) honoring Shiva with an Abhishek ceremony—a ritualized bathing of the Shiv Lingam. You are invited to sponsor the ceremony for your own purification and transformation. Everyone is welcome to take moments in stillness to connect with the expansive consciousness during this ceremony.

Thursday, March 11
4:30-8:00am MST / 6:30-10:00am EST / 12:30-16:00 CET
Ceremony sponsorship: $144
All are welcome to watch the ceremony on youtube.
Registration closes at 9:00pm ET on March 10.

Shivaratri: An Ecstatic Bhakti Experience
On the night of Shiva, join in the ecstasy, bliss and deep silence of Shiva with an evening of yoga, dancing, and chanting. Each participant will become aware of their infinite nature and creative power. This event is hosted by Jivan Das Maharaj and Aisling Clardy.

Thursday, March 11
6:00-9:00pm MST / 8:00-11:00pm EST/ 2:00-5:00 CET (Friday)
Cost: $25
Grand Design Members – gifted, with Member code
*Check here if you need the code.
Registration closes at 9:00pm ET on March 11.

Shiva Night Program
Take an extraordinary journey into the pure space and infinite expansion of Lord Shiva. The Mahamandaleshwars lead this all-night program of intensive spiritual practices designed to go beyond the limited mind and experience the bliss of our essential nature. This night is a powerful boost in one’s spiritual life, not to be missed for the dedicated student of awakening.

Friday, March 12 (overnight in US)
9:00pm – 6:00am MST / 11:00pm – 8:00am EST /
5:00-14:00 CET (March 13)
Early bird – $80 (through March 1, 2021)
Grand Design Members – $70 with Member code
*Check here if you need the code.
Registration closes at 9:00pm ET on March 12.

Sai Maa Light Consciousness Session
Offered by Jayendra Das Maharaj, the Sai Maa Light Consciousness Sessions are created and energized by H.H. Sai Maa to support your spiritual transformation.

Sunday, March 14
1:00pm MDT* / 3:00pm EDT* / 20:00 CET
*Please note: Daylight Saving time begins in the U.S. on Sunday morning, March 14th.
Registration closes at 10:00am ET on March 14.

Shiva Fest Bundle
If you find yourself saying YES! to this amazing group of offerings honoring Lord Shiva, we have a special bundle price just for you.
The Bundle includes registration for all four offerings.

Shiva Fest Bundle – $333 (Save $88)
Grand Design Bundle – $310 with Member code
*Check here if you need the code.

Register for any or all of the Shiva Fest offerings.
Meet the Teachers
All of the Mahamandaleshwars will teach during Shiva Night!
Mahamandaleshars spread the teachings of Sanatana Dharma around the world, including living a life of righteousness, serving and contributing to a better society. Through the purity, devotion, and discipline embodied by its members, the Order is an energetic presence activating light consciousness and inspiring others to live their potential as light.

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