Global Unity Gathering 2023
Anna Choi
Before I met Sai Maa, I was a young mom working at a job and starting a new business barely making ends meet as the sole breadwinner of my family.

The week after I took the Journey of Profound Healing, I was let go from the job, and on the same day, hired into a new job working less and earning more. I leveraged my position to get my husband a high-paying software engineer job with no computer science degree. We sold our house, paid off all debt and moved to a waterfront home. Life continues to expand to unimaginable heights.

For me, the Global Unity Gathering is the place to recharge with my people, connect deeply with my inner wisdom, and create what’s next with a global community. If you’re looking to uplevel your consciousness, being with an enlightened guru is the fastest way to do it.

What’s unimaginable will become a reality.

-Anna Choi

Brandona Taitt
My first experience with Sai Maa was at the 2020 Global Unity Gathering, and it changed everything.

My understanding of who I truly am deepened to a level of profoundness that blew me away. I emailed Sai Maa and asked her to put me where she needed me. Within a few months, I moved from Michigan to Chicago for a job that aligns with my deepest passions – renewable energy. In less than a year, I have matured spiritually and have a deep sense of joy and gratitude for my life.

The Global Unity Gathering provides an access point for you to find the momentum to live the life you most desire.

-Brandon Taitt

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