Create the Life You Truly Desire by Unlocking Your Higher Mental Faculties


A Transformative Online Course with Her Holiness Sai Maa

How to Master Your Mind’s Higher Faculties and Design a Fulfilling Life

The Power in Your Minds is a six-month online course designed to help you:

  • Reactivate your tremendous power of imagination
  • Shift your perspectives on deeply held beliefs no longer serving you
  • Access your inner knowingness and apply it to your daily life decisions
  • Change the way you engage with and experience the world
  • Master your mind and create a new life for yourself

Hear more about this powerful course—and how you can shift your subconscious mind to align with your goals and design a life of your own choosing.

Program Overview

Each week you’ll receive a set of tools designed to help you realize deep transformation, including:

  • An inspirational welcome message from Sai Maa inviting you into that week’s work
  • A video from one of Sai Maa’s personally trained teachers on how to apply the week’s teachings into your daily routine
  • An audio recording from Sai Maa you can listen to again and again to de-program limiting beliefs lurking within your subconscious
  • A guided assignment like journaling, meditation practice, or other exercise to support the transformative work you are doing
  • Energetic support behind the scenes from Sai Maa, who as a living enlightened master, activates the program with the pure Divine energy of creation

During the six-month program, you’ll explore your mind’s six higher faculties and discover how to engage with them to create the life you desire. (Yes, it’s like you have six different minds, which is one reason we call the course The Power in Your Minds.) You’ll also learn ways to set goals for yourself and manifest your dreams as a new reality.



















Are you Ready to Unlock the Power in Your Minds?

Dave Miller

“I’ve learned that when I change my perception of a situation, a person, or thing, my experience changes. Instead of automatically reacting to a situation, I am pausing, observing, going within, and listening to my higher faculties, and taking an action of alignment appropriate to the situation. This activity is shaping how I perceive life’s interactions and how I feel about myself… I feel free.”

Ashley W.

“The value of having Maa’s Shakti [Energy] in my world, in my awareness every day for six months is tremendous. There is so much energy and support being poured into me to activate my higher mental faculties. It’s like no other program. Even though we aren’t with Maa physically, the power is really present.”

Ankit Chander

“The Power in Your Minds course is giving me the realization that I have the power to write my life as I want.”

Cynthia Mischka

“Having the knowledge of how our minds work has helped me navigate the world better.”

What Are the Higher Faculties of the Mind—and Why Do They Matter?

Truth be told, the life you have today is all because of how you were programmed by your environment: Your parents. Your schooling. Your perceived role in society. But deep within your subconscious mind, there lies a way to free yourself from negative thoughts, old patterns, and limiting beliefs. You simply have to discover how to tap into the six higher faculties of your mind: Imagination, Intuition, Perception, Memory, Reason, and Will.

Your conscious mind, you see, is all about accepting or rejecting, which keeps you in a constant state of reaction. Your subconscious mind, where these higher faculties live, holds a tremendous source of power that can help you break free of your old programming and begin to create a life designed—and most importantly, desired—by you.

MODULE 01: Four weeks


Remember what you were like as a child? There was no limit to your imagination. Discover how to reignite the creative powers of your inherent imagination, strengthening your self-esteem, increasing your confidence, and amplifying your ability to visualize your limitless potential. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

“You are the source of all life. Starting with your imagination. You are the creator of your life. Imagine that new style of life consciously. Start now. Start now to imagine the grandeur of your life the way you desire your life to be.” – Sai Maa

MODULE 02: Four weeks


Have you ever experienced a day when everything effortlessly falls into place? This happens when we are in tune with our intuition. Learn how to create this way every day—tap into your deep inner knowledge and guide yourself on your path to realizing your highest purpose.

“Reveal your Self to yourself, manifest all that you are as this, in EVERY MOMENT of your everyday life. Open, tap into, access the great power and magnificence of your higher faculty of INTUITION.” – Sai Maa

MODULE 03: Five weeks


Have you ever heard that your perception creates your reality? It’s true. Learn how to see beyond your limited perceptions of reality to experience a life free of judgement, negative patterns, and triggered feelings.

“My experience with perception has always been very, very interesting. It is a little bit like a delicate flower in a big dense forest. Perception is beautiful. It carries beauty, it carries, not only on an aesthetic point of view, it brings beauty in the psychology of each one of us.” – Sai Maa

MODULE 04: Four weeks


Have you ever thought you have a bad memory? Most of us have. But your memory isn’t bad or good. Rather, memory can be strong or weak. We are all born with the potential for perfect memory, and some of us develop that capacity, some do not. Step into strengthening your memory and learn how to use it as a tool to expand your reality, consciously choosing memories, including future memories.

“There is so much to discover of your Grand Memory! Are you consciously choosing your future memories? Are you consciously discarding memories that don’t serve? How are you using your memory?” – Sai Maa

MODULE 05: Four weeks


Have you ever wondered what makes humans distinct on this planet? We all have this extraordinary capacity to reason—it’s that power that gives us the ability to consciously think or think “on purpose.” With reason, we can direct our phenomenal creative power to design and create our life experience.

“I often say how people ask for peanuts when I am offering diamonds. Gems inside of you! Use your higher mental faculty of reason to go beyond! Reason, the ability to think properly, can take you to the higher realms.” – Sai Maa

MODULE 06: Four weeks


Have you ever had the experience where you want something to happen but simply can’t accomplish it? This experience can be common to many of us. When asked what human society most lacks, Sai Maa will often respond “Will.” Each of us has this capacity—an internal power to concentrate our energy upon one thing, thereby directing that which we concentrate on into existence. With a powerfully developed will, anything truly is possible.

“What is will? For me, will is the ability to hold one thought with great concentrated focus. Will is a vital asset, a phenomenal asset. This mental faculty gives the ability to hold only one idea, one thought, one image on the screen of your mind free from all outside distractions. Will is of major importance when it comes to manifestation of your goals and dreams.” – Sai Maa

Are you Ready to Unlock the Power in Your Minds?

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Try one week on us!

Who is Her Holiness Sai Maa?

An internationally renowned spiritual master, healer, and humanitarian committed to the mission of global enlightenment, Sai Maa travels throughout North America, Europe, and Asia offering programs on self-mastery and personal transformation.

Sai Maa offers a unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery that empowers people to discover the inherent love, wisdom, and radiance within them. Through all of her work, Sai Maa shares a rare depth of unconditional love and passion for life.

In 2007, Sai Maa was honored with the prestigious title of Jagadguru, the highest title in the Vedic tradition of India. Sai Maa is the first woman to receive this title in the 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage. Sai Maa has also presented at many international conferences on spirituality, psychology, and world peace, speaking alongside other renowned spiritual luminaries, such as the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh.

An Introduction to The Power of Your Minds from Sai Maa

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Today is a great beginning as we enter together the domain of the mind and unleash its phenomenal Power—with understanding, thinking, choosing, deciding, exploring.

Each component is being designed for you to work with your paradigm. Be fully engaged to get the maximum benefits of your deep transformation at all levels.

I guarantee that this course will be a manifestation of the most rewarding experience of your life.

During these six months, you will receive your weekly multimedia program, and you will engage repetitively with lessons, each one containing a video, audio, and an exercise. In addition, a new membership program will be offered as a natural next step. The membership program will run from July to December and is designed to support you in deepening the work of reprogramming the subconscious mind and accessing your innate powers.

My request: Obtain a journal, or create a file on your computer. You are going to step into a different frequency regularly. Your awareness will increase, sharpen—more than you expect.

We will look at all positive aspects of you, as well as identify the negative mental backpack programmed by others in you. We will look at all mental burdens preventing you from being at peace with yourself and enjoying a fulfilling, abundant life in a state of enlightened consciousness while living on this planet. Together, we will move from:

False __Matrix
Source _Matrix

Identify… Identify… IDENTIFY…

We will explore the burdens of your minds similar to what we did in the Journey of Profound Healing, with more awareness this time. We will discover all the negatives we carry as well as all the positives we were born with. Your paradigm is being shifted. Yes, it is all about your paradigm!

During these six months, through practice and repetition, your paradigm will shift dramatically. A new paradigm will be created by you, ONLY you.

Listen over and over to each lesson. Keep repeating, through repetition you will develop the power of/in your MINDS.

Oh, I am so thrilled as I KNOW the end results of this program.

Begin to use your higher faculties, starting with your IMAGINATION.

Your Ever,


Power in Your Minds Teachers

Lucinda Hanover

Lucinda Hanover

Lucinda Hanover is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Lumeri, a consulting firm serving some of the world’s largest organizations. Lucinda has pioneered gender diversity programs for executive women around the world. A passionate philanthropist, she has served on the boards of various organizations. Lucinda is an ordained Interfaith Minister, and was named as a Successor for Sai Maa in the West.

Rajeshwari Maa

Rajeshwari Maa

Growing up with a knowingness that spirit is present in all paths, Rajeshwari Maa nurtures this underlying unity. She has worked in hospitality and investment banking, trained in multiple healing modalities, and taught on healing and spirituality for over 20 years. As the Managing Director for Sai Maa Japan, she shares Sai Maa’s work and teachings throughout Japan.

Triveni Das

Triveni Das

Triveni Das has been a teacher for Sai Maa for more than 11 years. As the Event Manager for Sai Maa’s global events, Triveni has been closely trained by Sai Maa, and has addressed large audiences around the world. Tyagabhai holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology and has been trained in communications and public speaking.

Becky Morrison

Becky Morrison

Becky Morrison is an award-winning film and TV producer. Becky has been leading programs for over a decade. She is the founder and president of two companies: GLOBETOPS, a non-profit organization, and THE LIGHT, a production company. Becky is also a professional African dancer. Her teaching is one of candor, precision, and unending availability.

Adina Wiseman

Adina Wiseman

Adina Wiseman is a Financial Advisor within a major financial firm. Adina has been invited to attend the Barron’s Top Female Advisor Conference for the past six years. She is committed to transforming the paradigm in which businesses operates. She has been creating and leading transformational programs for over 10 years, and is also a wife, mother, and avid equestrian.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this six-month program start?

Now! You can begin the Power in Your Minds TODAY. 

How much is the cost for The Power in Your Minds?

$3,300 USD per person.

Is there a couple’s price?

Yes! Couples may register for a combined tuition of $5,000 USD. Please use code PIYMCouple when registering. Each person needs to register individually. 

I have already taken the course and would like to take it again. What is the tuition to repeat the course?

Repeat participants may register for half price.

Repeat Payment in full: $1,650
Repeat Payment Plan: $1,700
Repeat COUPLE Pay in full: $2,500
Repeat COUPLE Payment Plan: $2,550

I have registered, but my partner didn’t and now they want to. What do I do?

All are welcome to participate in this program.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are you Ready to Unlock the Power in Your Minds?

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Try one week on us!

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