Ultimate Reality

Created by Her Holiness Sai Maa
Delivered by Rajeshwari Maa, Sai Maa’s Teacher


Experience the Ultimate Reality – the realm of unified consciousness beyond duality, where Divinity manifests itself.

Transcending all concepts, those of good/bad, negative/positive, the dualities of the world, there is a place within us, beyond the veil, where we remember the ultimate reality from which we come.


This weekend we will:

  • Journey beyond the veil into the realm of ultimate reality, beyond the false matrix.
  • Activate and establish our crystalline light body.
  • Dive into the information stored in our DNA and akashic records.
  • Receive energetic “downloads” from images activated by Sai Maa.
  • Connect with ascended master consciousness.

“For some, you may see the cosmos as you. For some, it’s happening as a process for you to be the cosmos itself.” H.H. Sai Maa

Learn to raise your vibration to a higher state than ever before.

Sai Maa’s Teacher, Rajeshwari Maa, will guide us into a practice of moving into higher and higher dimensions to become more and more transparent, luminous, and radiant. Beyond theory, this is a practice you can use every day to experience yourself as the multidimensional being that you are.


Rajeshwari Maa, Director of Sai Maa Japan, taught with Sai Maa in Japan in October 2018 when Maa delivered this important program to the planet for the first time.

Sai Maa specifically requested that Rajeshwari Maa come from Japan to transmit these teachings.

Listen to Rajeshwari Maa share about the Ultimate Reality program.

After this course, I have more freedom – consciously – and I can tap into that on a regular basis, more than I ever thought possible. I experienced my higher self like I’ve never experienced before… and now I can live from that.

~ Anne P.

I was able to transcend the veil and feel it so tangibly, so palpably… My attachment to the drama of everyday life has diminished.

~ Irene P.

There are turning points in my life, like before Sai Maa and after Maa. I now experience before Ultimate Reality and after Ultimate Reality as one of those turning points.

~ Michele F.

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