The 2020 Global Unity Gathering brings people together from around the world and this year the focus is on strengthening your inner confidence and unleashing the UNSTOPPABLE YOU! In this four-day program, H.H. Sai Maa guides you to a higher consciousness where you feel uplifted, deeply loved, and empowered to manifest a magnificent 2021.
From the Comfort of Your Home

Due to COVID-19, this year’s program will be online. We have learned from recent programs that Maa’s divine energy online is as impactful as when it is live. All you need is a smartphone or computer, a comfortable chair, a little space to dance, and a quiet room. Sai Maa will captivate you with her teachings as Maa transports you to higher frequencies where you know you are unstoppable.

Global Unity Gathering Highlights

Special Guest Michael Beckwith
Dr. Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, based in Los Angeles. Dr. Beckwith embraces a practical approach to spirituality utilizing meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life VisioningTM, a spiritual technology he developed for conscious evolution, authentic living, and living your life purpose.
Special Guest Keiko Kobayashi
An actress, movie producer, and social activist, Keiko was born and raised in Japan, and currently works at the JUN AI office in Tokyo. The vision to produce a film “for world peace and create a bright future for children” created the film “JUN AI” and an elementary school and kindergarten in China, as well as the JUN AI World Peace Foundation.
Special Guest Keiko Kobayashi
An actress, movie producer, and social activist, Keiko was born and raised in Japan, and currently works at the JUN AI office in Tokyo. The vision to produce a film “for world peace and create a bright future for children” created the film “JUN AI” and an elementary school and kindergarten in China, as well as the JUN AI World Peace Foundation.

Guided Meditation

Dive into expanded states of consciousness and explore your true spiritual nature.

Energy Work

Learn how to elevate low-frequency energy to higher frequencies for deep transformations.

Sai Maa Diksha

Receive divine light into your brain and nervous system with amplification from Sai Maa.

Community Connection

Engage in meaningful connections and conversations with people from around the world.


Experience unabashed joy and bliss through the power of using your own voice.


Move into the full expression of yourself
as Sai Maa activates light in your cells during ecstatic dance.

Shakti Talks

Transform your everyday life with practical gems of wisdom from teachers & experts in a variety of fields.

Sacred Sites

Experience divine energies of some of the world’s sacred sites with our spiritual guides.
Invite a Friend (or two)
Sai Maa reminds us that we are part of the grand design to transform the human system. One of the quickest ways to do this is by inviting friends to this year’s Gathering. The more people who move into a higher consciousness the sooner all of humanity transforms. We are offering a special tuition rate of $197 for friends who have not participated in a paid program with Maa before. Just use the code SaiMaaFriend when registering.
Energy Sessions with Her Holiness Sai Maa
Sai Maa works with planetary energy for the enlightenment of us all. During these sessions, offered Friday night, December 4th, you receive specific seeds of light, love, and consciousness that align with the 2020 Gathering. These energy sessions are open to all. You don’t need to be registered for the Global Gathering to participate. Please note: Energy Sessions are $250 per person.
Event Details
Thursday, December 3

7-9:00pm Opening Session

Friday, December 4th

8:00am  Meditation
8:45am   Breakfast
9:15am    Program
12:30pm Lunch
1:45pm    Program
5:00pm  Dinner
6 – 9:00pm   Program
10:00pm Sai Maa Energy Session

Saturday, December 5th

8:00am   Meditation
8:45am    Breakfast
9:15am     Program
12:30pm  Lunch
1:30pm    Program
3:30pm   Dinner
4:30pm   Program
6:00pm   Break – change for dance party
7-10:00pm Program & Dance Party

Sunday, December 6th

8:00am   Meditation
8:45am    Breakfast
9:30am-1:00pm   Program

(All times listed are EST)

Standard rate – $595*
Couple rate – $960
Youth rate (18-25) – $295
(Children 17 and under in the same household are free)
Friend rate – $197 (For those who have never been in a paid program with Sai Maa. Use code SaiMaaFriend)

*Scholarships are available for those experiencing financial challenges.
Please apply here by November 30th.

Note: You will have access to the event recordings for six months.
Meet Her Holiness Sai Maa
As a world-renowned spiritual master, healer, and humanitarian, Sai Maa brings a unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery. Maa will be fully present for our Gathering — teaching, doing deep energetic work with participants, and working for the personal and global awakening of humanity.
Learn more about H.H. Sai Maa
Triveni Das Maharaj invites you to prepare for the depth of this year’s program
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best way to experience this program from home?
  • Minimize distractions: Turn off other devices and tell others in your home you will be unavailable during the Gathering. A Do Not Disturb sign can be helpful.
  • Set up for success: Movement is a key component of the Gathering, so make sure you dress comfortably and have enough room to stretch, dance, even lie down.
  • Test your tech: Your set-up is key to being able to fully engage with and enjoy the event. We will be sending out detailed guidelines on how to set up your technology, including a check-in process where we test your set-up with you.
Will we be able to see and interact with other participants?
Yes! There will be opportunity for deep connections with others through community “pods” (your designated group for the Gathering). In addition, during many of the sessions, you will be able to see some of the other participants, giving us all the experience of being together with our global community throughout this event.
Will there be recordings available to watch after the live event?
Yes, all the main session recordings will be available for you for six months after the program. The recordings will be available on the online event platform within a few days after the event.
Are there any scholarships available for this program?
Yes, a limited number of 50% off full tuition scholarships for the Global Unity Gathering and Profound Awakening are available for those significantly impacted economically by the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 5:00pm EST on Monday, November 30.. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply here.
Who is leading the program?
H.H. Sai Maa will be the main teacher for the program, in addition to Sai Maa’s Successor Lucinda Hanover and other experienced teachers who are personally trained and selected by Sai Maa for this event.
What will Sai Maa’s participation in the program be?
H.H. Sai Maa is the source of the entire Gathering and is energetically activating everything that is happening. While we don’t know the exact sessions Maa will be teaching, Maa has already said Maa wishes to be able to participate at any session at any moment. We can expect LOTS of Maa this December.
Is special attire needed?
Movement will be a key part of the Gathering, and comfortable clothing is recommended. In addition, there will be special occasions to dress up, including a dance party Saturday night.
How will the Sai Maa Energy Sessions work? Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
The Sai Maa Energy Session will be approximately one hour of powerful transmission of energy from Sai Maa to you. To prepare, we invite you to set up a place where you can lie down in a peaceful environment. Dress comfortably. You may choose to prepare a sacred space. During the sessions, simply be open to the energy activation that will be occurring. The sessions will all take place at the same time on Friday evening (EST) and more details will be offered that day. This will be an experience where you don’t need to sign into any technology platform, simply open and receive.
“When in the presence of Sai Maa, I experience a profound love and joy that is palpable. My heart opens and there is this depth of connection to the Divine. It’s like Maa knows what my soul yearns for, and the opportunities arise to fulfill what feeds my Soul.”
~ Susan Muchnij
“Within 3 months of meeting Sai Maa, I experienced inner growth like never before. I became more passionate about life. The meaning of life, the purpose and faith in myself, began to take shape.”
~ Yelena Dent
“As a result of work with Sai Maa, I have a personal relationship with my soul that transcends all mental concepts. It is the guiding force in my daily life.”
~ Beth Berman
“Sai Maa has helped me to see what a community of love looks like. I’ve not had that experience of immersion in high frequency before. My consciousness has expanded and my ability to detect my own patterns and change those that do not serve me.”
~ David B.
“Being in Sai Maa’s presence opens my heart in a way I never felt before. And in those moments, I know everything is possible. I know I am capable of anything I would like to achieve. There’s no fear at all anymore, just Love, Love, Love.”
~ Nathalie Dieu
“The biggest impact of studying with Sai Maa is the expansion of consciousness and vibration of every cell of my being… To know that I Am Light!”
~ Travis Pierce
Bring Your Journey of Transformation to the Next Level

Save on Registration When You Sign Up for More Than One Program

Originally scheduled to bookend the Global Unity Gathering, Profound Awakening and Profound Union are now online too. Attend all three events and exponentially deepen your transformation over the span of the coming months. Please note, due to the advanced nature of these programs they have a prerequisite.

Profound Awakening: Living as a Soul

November 13-15, 2020

Rekindle a relationship as old as yourself and enter into conscious conversation, dialogue, and co-creation with your very own soul. In Profound Awakening, you’ll receive powerful activations that propel you to step out of the illusion of separation and awaken to the awareness and embodiment of yourself as a soul.

  • Learn how to dissolve what is keeping you from connecting deeply with your soul.
  • Understand the difference between the higher self, soul, personality and lower self so you can stop being unconsciously driven by the lower self.
  • Break free from the places where you don’t connect with others and continually meet conflict.

Profound Union: Couples Journey

February 12-14, 2021

Discover how to embody the purest qualities of respect, tenderness, and devotion with your spouse or committed partner. Together, you’ll learn as a couple to live this experience of merged energy, bringing a new state of oneness, acceptance, and love to your daily lives.

  • Discover an increased passion and joy for each other and for life
  • Uncover a new depth of tenderness, gratitude, devotion—and the freedom to express these qualities in your relationship
  • Move from misunderstanding into harmonious communication
  • Experience the state of “Divine Union” as a wellspring to nurture your couple’s life
  • Build an unshakable foundation from which to draw strength in every aspect of life

Program Pricing

*Register for ALL three programs for $2,400 per person*

Join Us in December!








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