We created Awakened Life to support you on the path to making deep and lasting changes in your life. Empowered by Her Holiness Sai Maa, we are here to provide tools that enable you to live from your highest potential. We have a collection of courses, meditations, sacred products and ongoing experiences to continue your education and enhance your awakening.

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Our new memberships allow you to support your spiritual journey at a level that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. If you’re new, consider the Awakening Mastery Membership. You’ll participate in monthly meditations and quarterly teaching webinars to become more familiar with Sai Maa’s teachings. You’ll also be part of a vibrant community and receive access to two of our most popular online courses to take your spiritual life to the next level.

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The Biggest Event of the Year

The Biggest Event of the Year

If you’re looking for the opportunity to meet Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa, the global gathering – Ignite Your Profound Life – is the event where you’re sure to do that. This 4-day program is full of teachings, meditations, blessings, and a welcoming community.

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