End of Life Yagyas
Serving Loved Ones with the Sacred Fire

A yagya can serve a loved one as they near the transition from the body. It can also be one of the most powerful and important ways we can serve those who have left the body. A Yagya is sponsored on behalf of someone to serve the evolution of that soul. Yagyas may be sponsored for those who transitioned as a result of natural causes or those who experienced a traumatic death, such as suicide or murder.

A Yagya Experience Designed to Support Your Loved One and You
Personalized attention

Personalized attention

5 pundits (priests) perform a 2-3 hour fire ceremony, entirely focused on your loved one.
Bringing the Yagya to you

Bringing the Yagya to you

As the pundits perform your personal yagya, you are invited to watch the entire ceremony live on zoom while receiving photos and recordings in a Telegram channel. You’ll then be emailed a recording and photos of your yagya to continue to work with this powerful energy.
Sai Maa’s energetic Work

Sai Maa’s energetic Work

Sai Maa receives all of the information about your loved one and offers powerful energetic work with their soul and the energy of the sacred fire.

Preparing for Transitioning from the Body – $695

This yagya ceremony is performed to bless a dear one as they approach their transition. It envelops them in love, peace, and gratitude.


A Transition that Occurred within the Last Year – $1,080
If the transition occurred within the last year, it will be a 3-hour yagya because there is an extra hour of mantra chanting to support the journey of the soul and clear energies around the transition.

A Transition that Occurred More than a Year Ago – $695
You can offer a Sai Maa Yagya at any time to support the soul journey of a loved one after they have left the body.

What Participants are Saying

I found the yagya profoundly moving and am already experiencing the blessings. So much rubbish was thrown into the fires, and the flames have cleansed all. My behavior, my ex-husband’s behavior, and all the stuff that attached itself to both of us has been cleared away.

– Mirella Green

My mother and I hadn’t spoken for years when she died. I decided to do a yagya for her in gratitude for my life and all that she had done for me. It was beautiful and peaceful. About a week afterwards, I recognized that all of the triggers with my mother were gone. Thanks to the yagya, we were all at peace.

– Patti O’Toole

End of Life Yagyas

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