End of Life Yagyas

One of the most powerful and important ways we can serve those who have left the body, a Yagya for the Deceased is sponsored on behalf of someone who has passed away in order to serve the evolution of that soul. Yagyas may be sponsored for those who have passed from natural causes or those who experienced a traumatic death, such as suicide or murder.

Yagya for Those Preparing to Leave the Planet – $695
This yagya ceremony is performed to bless a dear one during their transition from this life. It envelops them in love, peace, and gratitude.

Yagya for the Deceased – $695 / $1080
There are two Yagya options for the deceased.

A Death that Occurred within the Last Year – $1,080
If the death occurred within the last year, it will be a 3-hour yagya because there is an extra hour of mantra chanting to support the journey of the soul and clear energies around the death.

A Death that Occurred More than a Year Ago – $695
You can offer a Sai Maa Yagya at any time to support the soul journey of a loved one after they have left the body.

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